Bravo 500 Sliding Gate Opener

Motorlne Bravo500 Sliding Gate opener with outer casing

Are you tired of manually opening and closing your residential gate? Look no further than BRAVO500 – the ultimate solution for automating sliding gates. This advanced mechanism is specifically designed for gates weighing a maximum of 500 kg and features a sleek, modern design to suit any gate style. Its unique mechanical system ensures quiet […]

Lince Swing Gate Automation Gate Opener

Motorline LINCE swing gate automation opener in box

LINCE, a swing gate automation solution designed to add a touch of efficiency to your home. This superb product is available in three different sizes – 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm, meaning that you can select the one that suits your gate size. Additionally, LINCE is flexible enough to function on 230V, 110V, and 24V, making […]

Gate & Garage Roller Door

Product image showing roller door

Our bespoke electric roller garage doors come in various styles and are remotely controlled. We guarantee efficient delivery and we can also offer installation. The remote control feature allows you to open the garage door as you approach it without stepping out of your car. Once parked inside, you can easily close the door with […]