Roller Shutter Door supplied on Urb. Benimar, Rojales

Mr & Mrs Jones
Supply Date:
15 November 2020
Gate & Garage Roller Door

Mr. and Mrs. Jones had a bit of a problem with their swing gates. They feel they were inconvenient due to opening onto the public pavement and being vulnerable to high winds. The couple was in a dilemma since they were not able to install automated hinged or sliding gates due to the lack of space and the possibility of wind damage.

But, fortunately, they asked for my help, and I suggested installing one of my bespoke roller shutter door gates, which perfectly solved the issue!

I went ahead and made a custom gate just for them, installed it on-site, and made sure that it came complete with a control unit that’s conveniently situated inside the adjoining shed/home office. I also included a manual open/close switch at a later date.

There were slight complications when the motor developed an unexpected fault, which is quite uncommon, but we immediately replaced the broken part, and our clients were happy.

To showcase the features of the gate, our client’s skilled web designer son, Mark of All Tech Plus in Rojales (who also created this site!), created the attached video that showcases the gate in action! And just a fun fact, the purple sponge attached to its bottom was positioned there to stop the Jones’ puppies from losing any balls under the gate since their house is built on a hill.

Installation Gallery

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Mr & Mrs Jones from Urb. Benimar Rojales love how convenient their roller shutter door is

Thanks to Chris for our new roller shutter door which after a faulty initial motor was quickly replaced we are now delighted. It has made things much more convenient for us. We had some initial issues with delayed installation dates but got there in the end. Chris was very pleasant and accommodating throughout. We would recommend The Gate & Garage Door Company.